Online Diploma Building and Construction for Trade Specific Skills and Knowledge

In today’s ever-growing demand for increasing sophistication and standardization in building infrastructure, qualified professionals are in high demand that possess the necessary skills and knowledge to meet a variety of challenges.  Building construction is the process of adding structure to a property that requires specialized knowledge and skills to successfully complete a new, existing or renovation project with professional expertise. 

Building and construction industry is more complex now than ever. Projects of all sizes, including large and new constructions, renovations and existing structures have increased in complexity. Implementation of standardized practices, regulations and international building codes has driven this complexity further. As such, business owners now face the responsibility of training their workforce to handle the increasing complexity of today’s building and construction industry in Australia. 

Advance your career goal 

Doing a construction course, such as Online Diploma Building and Construction, can equip you with the skills and knowledge about structural systems and materials that are so critical for the successful completion of a construction project. That’s the reason, students and working professionals do diploma and other competency courses to advance their career goals. These courses provide the latest knowledge about the construction principles and regulations, so that you can complete a site project by meeting all the regulatory requirements. 

Back to Basics is at the forefront of building and construction training courses in Australia. As a leading training institute, we have been providing training courses in building and construction for over two decades now. 

Recognized learning requirement for professionals 

Online diploma building and construction by Back to Basics is recognized as the learning requirement for WA Builders Licence, NSW Builders Licence by Fairwork NSW, QLD Builders Licence by the QBCC, and Victorian Builders Licence by the VBA. The course curriculum of this diploma is designed to meet the needs of building and construction professionals to help them complete the projects with professional competence. 

Also known as CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building), the diploma course covers 30 units under 06 modules that comprise:

  • Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Management
  • Building Technology
  •  Financial Management 

     It also includes multiple units of competency and elective units. You will be provided custom-written textbooks and other learning material when you enroll for this online diploma course. Our trainers are drawn from the top institutes and universities all over the world with extensive practical experience of the industry. They are available online for one-on-one tutoring.
Many more courses to choose from 

Back to Basics also offers many certificate courses and programs in building and construction, including management programs. These include Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building), and Building Cost & Contract Management Package. 

You will get to examine the principles, techniques and regulations of the building and construction industry and understand how different aspects of the industry relate to one another. Building and Construction Training Course by Back to Basics will equip you with trade-specific skills and provide you a broader entry point for make a career in the industry.

Enroll in diploma course 

A career in building and construction allows you to work at new and existing projects, and on various trades where you will get plenty of exposure to excel and grow professionally. After completing the course, you will have exceptional employment prospects as you will be qualified to work in the industry. If you are already working in the industry, the diploma course will help you grow in your career and take up newer responsibilities with the confidence of skills and knowledge gained through the course. These skills will be particularly important if you decide to start your own business. 

Get in touch with Back to Basics to learn from a wide variety of trainers with extensive experience of working in the industry.


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